Sunday, September 6, 2015

There's no Crying in Quilting---Right?

        Oh my gosh! All I can think right now is my favorite quote from "League of their Own"--"there's no crying in baseball". I had two days off this week and was off today. I spent all my quilting time working on a Row By Row block from Bear Paw Quilts in Coeur d'Alene. I just can't believe how many mistakes I made. I made the stupid tree trunks 3 times! I tore out as many seams as I sewed and made more stupid mistakes than I care to remember. When I'd get frustrated I'd do a little on something else just to get my mind straightened out. I wear a t-shirt every weekend that says "A bad day of quilting is better than a good day at work". I think today I would rather have been at work!.
         Then to top it off I set up the big table to layer a couple quilts.I managed to get the backs made in the midst of the chaos. I got out the giant roll of batting and spent a hot hour bent over the table pinning one of the quilts. As I put in the last row of pins I realized I had put the wrong top on that back!!! I wanted to cry, I really did. I just took out every pin and now I have to start over! Three days of quilting and all I have to show for it is one Row! I'm not going to show it here till the whole project is done because I am kind of excited about my plan.
       I will show my cute little block I made at Runamuck Quilters. It is a technique we learned called Sketch Stitch Applique. I'm going to use this block as the label on the quilt I attempted to layer today. It's the same colors. Well, I want to put the picture of the block I made but for some reason I can't get it off my phone. Boo cloud again!! Just took me forever to get this picture--I had to get out the digital camera and find the cord and download...Can I just start this day over!!!  (Do you think I just used enough exclamation points in one blog?)
Sketch stitch block