Thursday, September 20, 2012

Panic? Don't Panic? Inspiration?

     Well, the weather is finally cooling down and I have gone back into the sewing room. Once again I have been tackling the piles and trying to finish SOMETHING. I was sewing more black and white blocks for guy quilts and had a new sewing experience (and that is saying something because I have been sewing almost 50 years and have had a lot of things happen!) I had changed the bobbin and started sewing and instead of the fabric moving nicely along and making lovely perfect stitches I was getting tiny weird stitches that would not go in a straight line! PANIC? Yeah, at first my brain went--oh no, what will I do if the machine is  broken? Who can fix it? How can I afford to get it fixed?  How can I live without a machine? And then I retraced my steps and took out the bobbin and put it back. Still bad. So I took out the bobbin casing, cleaned and oiled under there. Still bad. The feed dog didn't seem to be working--I popped it down and it didn't come back up. HUH??? Then I tried to raise and lower the foot with the knee lift and it didn't work. HUH??  Usually when that happens it means the knee lift is hitting the side wall so I moved the machine around a bit and got the foot to lift. I tried to sew again and YAY it was working. I think the knee lift was just enough off that the feed dogs didn't move. I was so glad I didn't stop at PANIC and kept trying to figure it out!
       On a totally different subject- I am watching Project Runway and they are doing the fabric design challenge so I got curious about what would be involved  if a "real person" wanted to design fabric and get it made. The first siteI tried was Spoonflower  and I was so excited to see Doctor Who fabric--300 of them! My daughter is obsessed with Doctor Who and my head is spinning trying to figure out something to make her without spending a fortune! My brain is in overload and I am excited. I am leaning toward a Tardis pillow for Christmas (I can say this because she NEVER reads my blog!). Emma is getting very involved with My Little Pony (Oh, yeah, vote for her pony to will the Bronycon contest! ) and I am trying to think of something she could design and make to sell that would be profitable since the fabric is $18 a yard==bookmarks? This challenge will keep me going for days, I am sure. If anyone has any ideas, please post!

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