Sunday, February 3, 2013

Let there be light-in Super Bowls as well as quilting!

     Just sitting here watching the Super Bowl and quilting during boring parts and had the same thing happen to me that happened in the Super Bowl--the light went out! In the last couple weeks I started to notice that it wasn't as bright when I was sewing and at first just thought my old eyes weren't seeing so well. Then I realized that 1 out of 2 bulbs of the pole light that lights the area were out. The sewing room doesn't have a ceiling light (what's the deal with that!?!) so I have a 3 light lamp in one corner. One light exploded a few months ago, and now it is down to 2. Then I realized that I wasn't crazy as far as the sewing machine light went because as I was sewing it suddenly got bright again and then would get dim again. Finally today the light went out and I panicked. I've had my Bernina 25 years and have never replaced the bulb, don't know how to replace it, can't find the manual,  and don't know where to get another one. So of course I went online to order a bulb and research how to change it and discovered a tool for replacing the bulb. Turns out I have one of those in my tool box so I played with it and at the moment I have light. Yay!
    If anyone has any ideas how to get more light in a room with no window and no ceiling light I would love to hear them. I have a small Ott Light on the sewing desk, a clamp light over the cutting table, another really crappy clamp light over the ironing board and the 3 (now 2) light pole lamp in the corner. It is a mess of shadows and extension cords.  Please...let there be light!

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