Sunday, February 16, 2014

Help me, quilters!!!

Emma's block
      Hi all you quilter friends out there. I need feedback and I need it ASAP. My daughter designed this "block" for a design class in college. She hated the class and for inspiration I told her if she made something good I would make it for her as a wallhanging. Well this A+ design is it so I made 4 blocks and THEN realized that they were weird to put together. I put them up on the design wall every way I could think of and can't decide what would look best. Stripey? Pinwheel? Red on top? Blue on top? Sashing? Square? Oblong? Ahhhhhhhh! I need to decide and I have 10 days to finish before she comes home for break. HELP!
Blue pinwheel

Red pinwheel
Blue down the middle


  1. Hi Sandie! I like the blue pinwheel and the oblong. I think you should make more blocks and make Emma lap quilt (at least). I mean she got an A+ and what is an 18 year old going to do with a wall hanging?
    Pugs and kisses,

  2. Did you decide what to do? I was going to suggest trying different layouts in Electric Quilt. I like red pinwheel and agree with Nancy, a lap quilt would be a good memory for Emma.