Wednesday, April 16, 2014

When you ASSUME you make a @#$* of You and Me

      Today was my last day off before Emma comes home from college next week and I have to clean up the "Command Center" in her room. I want to get as many quilts pinned as I can and really want to finish the big quilt I have been quilting before I have to take down the big table.  These are both pretty boring projects at this point so I quilted a while and then I pressed the tops and backs of 2 more quilts. One of them, the bug quilt, was the perfect size for a piece of butterfly fabric for the back so that was a quickie project
.   The other one I chose to do is a Pinwheel Star because I already had a back pieced together and put aside for it. Most of my quilts, especially the charity ones, have pieced backs, which are often as interesting as the front.
       I stretched out the back, cut the batting to fit and layed out the top, and here is where the ASSUME comes in. The top and the back were not even close to the same size! What the heck was I thinking? I had made that back, folded them up together, and put them into the UFO tote months or even years ago. I ASSUMED they were the same size. I had to unclamp the back, add 8" to the side and 20" to the bottom (see, not even close!). Then of course the batting didn't fit any more so I needed another piece. Good thing I had just bought a king size batt for these projects so there was enough left for this one without having to piece it together. I will be able to use the other piece for one of the other quilts in the pile. Anyway, the day has slipped away and all I accomplished was quilting another border on the big quilt and layering the bug quilt. (Oh and I made cupcakes to distract myself from the boring-ness and I now have a "Cupcake Stash" in my freezer.) This picture is the way I am leaving it for the night. Tomorrow is another day!
Pinwheel Star ready to pin, Floral border in progress, pinned quilts hanging
What a mess!

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