Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mini Adventure comes to an end

    When you live alone you just have to make your own fun. If you don't you end up old, cranky, and unhappy and I have no intention of doing that! So I create my own fun!
    Last week I had to go up to Burlington,VT to pick up Emma after her trip to Japan. I decided to go up Weds. afternoon, spend Thursday visiting quilt shops, and come back Friday afternoon (Oh, and pick up Emma somewhere in there.)
     On Weds. night I decided I was going to try different things so I went to a Vietnamese restaurant. I have no idea what this dish was called, but it was just chicken, steak, onions, lemongrass, and hot peppers. It was a different flavor, and looks pretty disgusting, but I ate every bite!

The next day I started at a shop I'd never been to before in Colchester, called Sunny Laurel Sisters. I was driving there and discovered an area I never knew existed up there. The village of Colchester is on Malletts Bay on Lake Champlain. I turned a corner and caught my first view of the water and teared up. I didn't realize I was so homesick for Cd'A lake until I saw the water! The shop was great and was my favorite of the day. The owner was really nice and I liked her collection of fabrics. I spent a bit there!  After I shopped I stopped at the Dick Mazza General Store. General Stores in Vermont are great places to pick up a picnic. A lot of them have delis or prepared food that are fresh and delicious. I picked up a snack and took it to this overlook for a picnic.

My next stop was the Yankee Pride Quilts in Essex Junction. I've been there a few times before. It has a different vibe than the others. I have to describe it as "old". The fabrics haven't changed, the set-up hasn't changed, the old ladies working there haven't changed. It is a more traditional shop. But I like old so of course I spent money there also!
Next shop was in Shelburne. The shop was next door to the Shelburne Country store so I was excited to visit both of them. I picked up some fun fabric and also some gifts for my parents so it was a winner! 
     That evening I picked up Emma and her friend Glynnis and we headed to Church Street for dinner. They wanted pizza BAD so we went to the good pizza place downtown. Only downside was the parking ticket I got because we couldn't figure out the fancy credit card meter. Oh well....
    Next day we had lunch at the Athens diner. I love diners and diner food. This one was Greek so I had a great gyro.Then we headed back out to Malletts Bay to the fabric store. I wanted fabric to make a messenger bag for myself and the building fabric is it. Then we picked up one of the most delicious apple pies I ever had. This will be a repeat visit for sure!
I have an almost obsession with text fabrics. Love them!
It was a fun mini adventure and I really enjoyed myself. Sadly, next year is Emma's senior year so there are only 2 more trips up there to look forward to.

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  1. Thank for the reviews. I'm going to the Vermont Quilt Festival and your restaurant and quilt shops reviews will help me decide where to go.