Monday, September 26, 2016

Sometimes you don't know what you know!

     I'm taking a detour from writing about quilting for a minute. I love a reality competition show--I can't deny it! I was introduced to one called the Great British Sewing Bee.
Home sewers compete to be the best home sewer in Britain. As I'm watching I'm blown away by what these people don't know and they're on the telly!  Zippers? Never done one? Patch pocket? What's that? Silk? Never tried sewing it? Collar? How? I'm feeling very smart right now! I hardly ever sew clothes any more but I must have had a lot of experience in my past lives because these things are as common to me as 1/4" seams, stitch-in-the ditch, applique, and all the quilting techniques we use every day.
      Thought I'd share one of my more recent garment projects. It was a cosplay costume for Emma. She designed it and I had to alter and change a pattern to get the right look. Turned out pretty cool. She says the character is called Grell and honestly that's all I know!
Houndstooth vest and giant red trenchcoat. Wish I had
 a picture of the back of the coat. It has a huge pleat
and a giant black bow.

The entire get-up complete with chain saw made
by Emma.

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