Monday, April 3, 2017

Scrap Happy Part 2--Crazy for strips

     Imagine you have a collection of strips of all colors and widths. I don't have to imagine. I have lots and so many ideas for how to use them. To begin with I have my strips organized by size and in a couple instances by lights and darks. I think in this post I will just show pictures of some of my examples of Strippy quilts.  
      There are Jelly Rolls which I covered in a previous post.
 There are strippy Roman Stripes. How about variations on the Log Cabin? How about Railroad tracks. They make great borders. Strip units cut into other shapes, Strip sashings, deconstructed strip blocks, and the list can go on and on.  So enjoy and be inspired!

A Basic Jelly-Roll Idea

Amish Roman Stripe
Roman Stripe

Roman Stripe

 Deconstructed Strip Units

Each unit was made of strip sets

Log Cabin Traditional
Courthouse Steps

Log Cabin Border


Railroad Tracks

Autograph blocks

Cut up strip sashing

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