Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cut-Sew-Press Part Deux

      I feel like I am a slacker these days because whenever I go into the sewing room it is just too hot! I really need to figure out a way to have a fan that cools but doesn't blow fabric, threads, and papers all over the room. So far, no success.
      I have puttered around in the sewing room making more units for the watercolor borders. This is one of my favorite techniques and I have done it in beiges, black & whites, blues, primary colors w/ lots of novelty prints, and the floral watercolor fabrics. When I make the "units" I make them in various sizes but all the same 6 1/2" width and then put the units together to make the right size for the border. I have also scattered Ohio Stars throughout the border (but have no picture of this one!)
       Quickie tutorial: Start with squares, triangles, strips of all sizes in the fabrics you are using. Basically, think Log Cabin and work around the piece, trying not to have any long strips anywhere, as these will probably be "galloping horses" in the end. I try to balance the fabrics in each "unit" so there is a little of everything throughout. When the piece is the width you choose (I use 6 1/2") you are done with that unit.
Blue Border

Watercolor floral border-
units are light,medium, &]

Navy borders X2

Primary Novelty border

Black & white borders used
as strips on the back
Here a some examples of quilts with this type of border. Hopefully you can zoom in to see detail, if you are interested. It is a fun cut-sew-press-cut-sew-press technique.

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