Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer is for Quilting?????

Hi friends
    I have not forgotten about this blog or about quilting. It has just been too uncomfortably hot in the sewing room. I did decide one day to take the ironing board and cutting board out to the kitchen where it is cooler and I set up my laptop to watch Warehouse 13 for a couple hours (Spoiler alert-warehouse blown up, Mrs Fletcher dust!) I got as much pressing and cutting done as I could and would go sew for 10 minutes or so at a time. Summer is definitely not my best time for quilting!
    I had to go back to the the X marks the Spot blocks for a while because I actually used up all the "medium florals" on the watercolor  borders. But I am excited about that because it gives me something to shop for with my birthday coupon at Emma's Quilt Cupboard! (
    So stay tuned for progress--the next cool day I will be back in there!

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