Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Quilter Bucket List--#1 is crossed off!

       Holy crap! I can't believe I never posted that last one. Oh well, I got a few pictures taken and added today so off it goes into the internet cloud. So today you lucky readers get two posts.
       It is now officially spring in New England. Driving around I failed to see a single snow pile so I think we can say now the winter from hell is finally over.
        I am happy to say I am no longer such a "lonequilter". I joined a local quilt guild called Runamuck Modern Quilt Guild. Runamuck Modern Quilt Guild Blog They are coming up on their 1st anniversary and I have enjoyed the 2 meetings and socials I have attended. I really am not a "modern quilter" but they are open minded so I was welcomed anyway (ha ha). Last week's social gave me a new catch phrase. "It's the canary's fault". One woman new to quilting was trying to put together the block of the month and it was quite frankly a disaster. At one point she stood up and was so exasperated and she blurted out "it's the canary's fault!" Apparently the canary was loose in her sewing room and was distracting. (For the record, she never did complete the block--just too many canaries I guess).
         The last week and a half I tackled the project on the top of my "Quilting Bucket List." It is a very large two sided Ocean Waves/Apple Core Charm quilt that I made before Emma was born. The black squares in the middle of the Ocean Waves needed hand quilting. I had machine quilted the  whole thing, quilted the border, quilted a lot of squares and setting triangles and put on the binding and then slept under it in its half finished state for a long time. I pulled it out for one of Emma's friends to sleep under and decided to try to finish it. I had quit before because I did not have enough light. But I discovered that if I sit in the chair in front of the windows in Emma's room during a sunny day I can see!!  Then I realized that the overhead light is good enough to see also. Who knew? All I did in my spare time for a week and a half was sit and hand quilt and watch "Top Chef". One episode of "Top Chef" = 1 block. In my mind all these years I had the number 8 in my mind as the number of squares I had to do.  WRONG! It was more like 28 including a couple setting triangles I had missed. It just went on forever! When I started what I hoped was the last square I realized I was almost out of thread and needles.. Luckily for me it WAS the last square and I had about 12" of thread and 2 unbent needles left over! I realized it had been close to 20 years since I hand quilted and it came right back to me like riding a bike. Yay, #1 on the bucket list is crossed off!


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