Sunday, August 16, 2015

Spokane Shop Hop #2 is in the books

      My friend Susie Long and I had a fun day of quilt shop hopping in Spokane! Last year's was such fun we had to do it again. A couple shops have closed and one has moved and another has opened up so we hit different parts of Spokane this time. We even tried out a new chicken place and explored the Hobby Lobby. We also wandered around the north side looking for a shop that had moved and came across an accident involving a deer. So sad. It was just sitting there in the road looking around.
      The first thing you have to do when you do a shop hop is to have a list. Then you have to accept that the list is a joke and just go with the flow. This was my list: Row by Row patterns, Moda fabric to finish my jellyroll quilts from Christmas, and 2 jellyrolls. Actually I did pretty well. I came home with 7 patterns which are giving me anxiety about doing them. I got 2 jellyrolls which I have already used and wish I had bought more. I took a picture of a quilt in a shop which I made with one jellyroll and want to do again in a different color scheme. I also found Tweety eyes fabric which made me so happy! I had just used up my last little piece of it and I love it so much in kids' quilts.
      You know you had a fun day of shopping when you get home and you feel like a kid the day after Christmas! So many new toys!
       I can't wait for next year. Sherri says she's in and I'm holding her to it!

A Row By Row--something to aspire to!

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We each bought a roll of Aunt Grace scraps to add to the stash.


Thanks Susie for the pictures! Love ya!

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