Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Let There Be Light

     Anyone who has read this blog over the years probably knows what is my least favorite thing to do in quilting--borders! Hate em!  Well, today I actually sewed 2 different sets of borders on a quilt. Uck.
No flash.  Colors are somewhere
in between
Photo with flash
      The story starts Monday when I reached into the UFO bucket and pulled out the first ziploc my hand hit. Turned out to be a bag full of  2 1/2" strip scraps that I inherited in a giant bag of scraps a couple years ago. They obviously were from a jelly roll that someone finished up. They were lovely red, white, and beige pieces. My first and only idea was to do a deconstructed 9 patch. I had all patches done and layed out Tuesday before work and today (Weds.) I put it together. It's kinda small and needed borders so I went to my stash in the sewing room. I found a good red on white that looked nice with it, and a piece of red that was the right shade. Yay me. I cut the white border, sewed it on in the current sewing room. (Yes, I have 2 sewing rooms at the moment, but no bedroom. Such is my life). Anyway I then took it into the kitchen where my ironing board is (yes, the kitchen. Long story involving, light, heat, and exercise) and as I was sewing it on I realized the border was too white. Like "galloping horses" too white. I didn't see it in the light of the sewing rooms, but in the kitchen it was glaringly obvious. So, back to the sewing room to rip it out, back to the stash for a light beige, and I had to sew it on again. Highlight of my only day off in 10 days.  
       So I guess the moral of this story is..check your colors in different lights. They really do change!

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