Sunday, May 13, 2012

Do as I Say, Not as I do--Plan Ahead!

The first Wacky One
3rd Wacky-Rochelle's
2nd Wacky One
Well--I thought I was making great progress on the Wacky Log Cabin until I put it up on the wall and realized I messed up BIG. I had put aside 4 blocks with no last row so I could make them the way I needed them but when I did my little clean-up the other day I put them in the sewing pile and sewed on them all! I have been ripping out for 2 days and nothing is going together still! You would think after making 3 of these already I would have remembered what I learned the first 3 times! I think I must have been a better planner the first 3 times. I am hating this project now and this one will definitely go in the charity pile!
       On the positive side-the X Marks the Spot is on the wall and I am checking it carefully for any "galloping horses". I love to do things with lots of fabrics but I do get a bit fussy when I arrange the blocks--no matching fabrics touching each other, and if there are any fabrics that jump out (in this case, yellow, orange, lime green, and hot pink) they must be evenly balanced throughout the quilt so your eye does not stop in one spot but moves on easily. As I made each block, I tried to include a bit of each of those colors in the block so they would be easier to arrange. Hopefully I can get them together today and since the design wall is exposed I might as well arrange the floral log cabin too. I'm about to the point where I have to do borders and layer and start quilting--not my favorite things to do. This is when I wish for a quilting clone who likes to do those things!

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