Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Novelty Prints-Love 'Em!

      I decided I had to step away from the Wacky nightmare quilt and assembling the tops I had arranged on the wall and do something totally different for a day or so. So I reached into the UFO box and pulled out a ziploc bag of 5"  9-patch blocks of solids. Hmmm 5"--isn't that the same size as those novelty squares I got a while back in that trade? YES! So I alternated them and will have a nice child's quilt for charity. 
      Made me think of all the quilts I have made with my huge collection of novelty fabrics. About once a year I go into the box and cut 6 1/2", 5" and any other size I think I might use out of each fabric. I love novelty prints but last time I went into the box I realized how tired I am of my fabrics so I found a place that does organized fabric swaps (it was a site called Fabric Stash Club and they seem to have shut down). I think I sent 50 5" squares and I got back 50 totally different pieces. I think I will share some of my different novelty quilts to show ways to use various sizes of squares. You will also see my extensive use of strippys.

Novelty Attic Windows-6" sq.

I Spy-3" squares w/ 6" squares
 cut in half in the border

Double 9-patch w/ 3" squares
(6" sq cut in fourths)
6" sq w/ star sashing (this
sashing takes LOTS of fabric
6" sq with strippy sashing

5" squares w/ solid attic windows
6" sq w/ strippy sashing
& 4" squares in border

6" sq cut diagonally &
pieced w/ solid strippys

6" wide pieces w/ white/black
fabrics sashing

5" sq w/ bright attic window

4" sq w/ zig zag sashing (took LOTS
of red!)

Braided novelty-started
w/ 6" sq cut in half

Pinwheels made from same pieces
as braided novelty

Star sashing w 6" squares

6" sq with star sashing

6" sq with strippy sashing

Border is 6" sq cut in half

Star sashing w/6" sq

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