Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cut, Sew, Press, Cut, Sew, Press-That's all quilting is!

Random thoughts:
Full trash can! Yay!
      I was inspired by my list of projects in the last blog so I finished piecing the Barn Raising top and now it needs borders. The floral log cabin blocks are squared up, most of the wacky log cabins are done and ready to be put together and I am up to 42 out of 48 X Marks the Spot blocks. Sewing room is still a mess but the end of that mess is in sight. I know it is stupid but I am happy to see a trash can full of fabric scraps!
    I really am making an effort to get the stash down. I keep saying I want to "get it down a tote" but now matter how much I cut and sew,                  the same totes are still full!
Tim's Blue,Green,
Purple #1
                 A few years ago I did a quilt of blues, greens, and purples. I cut a 2" and 3 1/2" strip off each piece of fabric and this is the quilt I made for my nephew. The level of fabric didn't go down, I had a box full of pieces left over, and years later I have made 3 more quilts without cutting another strip! These are the other incarnations of the blue, green, purples, and there is still a ziploc bag full of squares.
                Recently a friend asked me how I could sew all those little pieces together. I told her there are very few little pieces, that quilting is a lot of CUT,SEW,PRESS,CUT,SEW,PRESS until you are done. Piece of cake!
                 Today while I was pressing I realized I left something off my list of "Things I Can't Live Without"--Magic Sizing! I use a LOT of different fabrics of different weights and using the sizing stabilizes everything and keeps bias edges from stretching. Best discovery in recent years!
A Mouse in a Maze
Criss Cross 
Diagonal set

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  1. Hi, Sandy....I posted a link to your blog on MY blog post, featuring a quilt I made with your inspiration!