Friday, April 13, 2012

My first blog!

     My first blog post--where do you start? I guess I will start at the present and move backwards and forwards from here. After making lots of quilts and giving most of them away I was finally talked into making something and trying to sell it on Etsy. I don't know about other quilters but I have to stick to my intention when making something. If I make it for myself I can not give it away. If it is intended as a gift for someone that is where it has to go. I have made probably 60 quilts and tops for charity and as long as that is the intention I am very happy to give them away. (I do take a picture and put it in my quilt gallery, however!). So if I am going to sell something it has to be made for that purpose.
     The idea I landed on was to use my florals. I had all my 2" squares of watercolor fabrics still sitting around (lots of them!!) and I had previously made border units for charity quilts which I had left over. I made a floral log cabin with a chain of dusty rose going through it. I also started making other blocks with the watercolor squares so it is quilt #2. Then I kept going and made 9-patch blocks with the squares and they are going to be the center of log cabin blocks so that is quilt #3. Quilt #4 is a Zig Zag pattern with the 9-patch blocks and I am almost done using up the squares!  It's a series! I really enjoy making the border units and hopefully I have enough for all 3 quilts. 
     I look forward to posting pictures of these quilts as they are finished and sharing my thoughts and experiences while making them.

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