Monday, April 16, 2012

Things I Can't Live Without

     I wanted to sew so badly today but it was just TOO HOT! It was almost 90 today! My sewing room doesn't have overhead light so all the light comes from incandescent lamps. After a while the heat from the lamps and the iron make it quite warm (in the winter it was the best room in the house, but now...yikes) I did get one round of the wacky log cabins done so that was good and I found myself noticing all the tools I just can't live without. The rotary cutter has a new sharp blade, the table is covered with a cutting board, the rulers are filed in their file boxes, the Bernina just keeps keeping on. But in addition to those basics I find myself relying on things like a clothing lint brush for cleaning off the ironing board and cutting board, a "garbage bowl" (thanks Rachael Ray for that idea) on the counter, plastic shoe boxes to keep things organized, my Quilters Rule square up rulers in 2 sizes and colors which I use all the time, wipes and paper towels for cleanups (I also scrapbook in there), power strips to keep everything going (and which I can just step on to turn off the lights & machine). Having a set up sewing room is a wonderful luxury and it is my little sanctuary.

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