Thursday, April 19, 2012

Other Quilters Are so Inspirational

     Yesterday I checked out a new blog ( I do not promise this link will work--I don't know what I am doing, so please let me me know if you saw it!) First of all this person is CRAZY ORGANIZED! And she is obviously a very good quilt teacher. I urge everyone to check out this blog. I'm following it now and haven't had time to read everything. She writes a LOT. I have highlighted the project I couldn't resist trying since I have an endless supply of scraps. I actually spent an hour today on something other than florals and it was a nice change of pace. Now I have a stack of trimming up to do on three projects. But that is the way I work best. I like to have lots of projects going at once and then I get to the point of finishing them up and it is exciting for me.
      Just a side question--Do you have a part of a project that you do not enjoy doing? I really don't like sewing on borders at all. When the project gets large I have to force myself sometimes to get the thing done. I have this imaginary "Quilt World" in my head where a quilting partner loves to do the things I don't and we can work together as a team. But then I always decide I can't give up that much control and just have to suck it up and do it myself. It always helps to work with friends or at least have something good to watch or listen to to distract myself. Right now that is Doctor Who and The Colony. Almost done though, and then I have to find some other series to get into. Suggestions?
     Anyway, check out the Fabric Therapy blog and be inspired!

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