Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quilters are the Best!

        I was reminded today of how special quilters are and how welcoming and friendly quilt shops are. Emma and I are in the process of getting her ready for prom in 2 weeks. Dress has arrived from China and is beautiful and is off to the dry cleaners to be professionally pressed (3 skirts--too much for me!!), red high heels are purchased, hair has been consulted on, and all she needs now is a nice necklace. So we visited a bead shop here in town to see if they had anything or to get inspiration. We were in this little store for 5 minutes and NO ONE acknowledged us at all. Needless to say I will never go there again. When we left I said, "That would never happen at a quilt shop". 
        When I got home in the quilt room I managed to make another round on the wacky log cabin. I think I like it!

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